Monday, April 20, 2009

Hip Hop Shop On Blast! Feature: Kandi Cole

Born and raised on Los Angeles, Kandi Cole chooses not to recite the typical subject matter of those who’ve rocked before her. Her sound enhances the ‘good’ in music. She’s soft as fur but her lyrics can be sharp as a knife. She is quick with a rebuttal to any objection of her not being recognized as an emcee. Not just a female emcee. An emcee. She can flow with the best of them. What sets Kandi Cole apart from the others is her impeccable timing and delivery. You wouldn’t think this young woman hailing from the West Coast had so much style in her flow. She’s jazzy over a smooth guitar riff or “bringin’ the pain” over a hard hitting 808. It’s hard to believe she is not already on her 3rd album.

However, aside from just the music, her stage performance is truly amazing! She brings a fire and energy to the microphone, commanding attention and making it a point to engage with her audience. Kandi Cole entertains the crowd and demands everyone in her presence to know that she is a force to be reckoned with. As with the artists in which she was raised listening to, she actually puts on a show.

When I first heard Kandi Cole perform I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that she was one of the illest emcees that I had heard in a while. Her stage presence, lyrical talent, dynamic flow and powerful energy takes over when she touches the mic. She's an amazing force in Hip Hop that every one should recognize. I purchased her album (that's right PURCHASED) and I can honestly say that the money was well spent.

Cop the Album (also Available on and itunes):

The Queen
What We Do

You can also listen to her tracks on The new Bad Girls Club mixtape

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