Friday, December 30, 2011

On Blast Radio's Top 10 Videos Of 2011

2011 was a great year for us at On Blast Radio. Vida Starr returned back with her own show. We added a video show on youtube. We also began a partnership with KOPNGO.COM to help along with promotions and the video show. We have a lot of great artist on the show including Phia Lamour, Jimmy Valentime, Otis Clapp, Beejus and Korey Buckets to name a few. Now we shall take a look back at all the videos that help pass the year by here at On Blast Radio

10) Jimmy Valentime "Understand"- I remember when me and Jimmy went to Statik's studio and I picked this beat. Im happy to see this dude do his thing. This was the lead single to his latest project "Life In Amazin' Times" which dropped this Dec.

9) J. Nolan "Round" - J. Nolan is On Blast Radio Family. He had been the most consist and ever improving mc I have ever heard. This video is dope. the visuals are creative and far from your average rap video. Rumble young man Rumble

8) Sav "Shinning" Sav is a hustler and great rapper from Long Island who came on the show and dropped this nice video.

7) Phia La'Mour "Lacookoo" Remix ft The Hoodstarz- Phia is a very beautiful rapper from the Bay Area. This video shows the culture that down there and the song is pretty catchy. But don't be fooled, this woman right here..... SHE CAN RAP.

6) Mr Forbes "Murder Scene"- Mr Forbes dropped an impressive mix tape and this the visual to the title track "Murder Scene" and pretty much proves why the game is his. Shout out to June G.

5) The Doppelgangaz "Like What Like Me" - The Doppelgangaz dropped the ALBUM OF 2011 to me. The beats, the rhymes, the flows, the subject matter, it is indeed SHARK NATION. EP and Matter OV Fact are great duo who bring creative rhymes, dope beats and MUCH NEEDED humor to this sometimes over serious rap game. Anyways, this is the visual for the funny as hell "Like What Like Me" which is tribute to Matter's lack of standards in his women.

4) Fortie Bowie aka Daddy Nino "Weak" Forte Bowie and J.Nolan are from the same hip hop scene in the ATL and I first encountered Fortie when he did a beat for one of J Nolan's first projects. I didn't know he had rhymes as well as sing. This is one of the first single we played on On Blast Radio. The MJ sample is sick at the end. Nice visuals just a great single.

3) ScienZe "W.OM.A.N." ScienZe is a dope artist from Brooklyn and this is one of the beats I wish I made. Dope visuals, nice song and beautiful ladies. Cant go wrong.

2) Beejus "iParty" One of if not, the best party songs Ive heard. Beejus is another Bay Area prospect (they have a nice niche of hip-hop over there) and was a absolute pleasure to interview. His discography is top notch. Not much to say about this video. Just watch it and PARTY! Oh and get a sprite!

1) Ralphy Boy "Peep Game"- Ralphy Boy is my brother. For another. For real. It was a real honor to not only produce 80% of his first project but also to have his first video back in 2010. 2011 rolled in and we did a video for a single produce by my mentor and sometimes co-host Dj Man At Arms "Peep Game" . Shot in BK, it was just a fun experience to share with my brothers in music. Im also in the video also is my Jesus Piece (don't hate). Shout Out to The New Pop Media for shooting this.

And thats it folks. Cant wait to see what videos and fun await us in 2012!!!