Thursday, August 4, 2011

C.KHID will be put ON BLAST 8/4/11 8pm PST/11pm EST

C.KHiD is a new Hip Hop music artist with an attitude that can be described as "Cannot Kill How I’m Dreaming." Born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina he credits some of his most influencing childhood moments to the small towns of Abbeville and Ashburn, Georgia. Spending nearly five years in the boroughs of New York City at the ripe age of 18, he also experienced the fast-life of the big city early on. "A style and sound you won't hear on the radio - and for all of the right reasons." said Matt Halfhill, founder of

A revolutionary music artist and entrepreneur, C.KHiD is focused on releasing 6 albums as part of his ‘Black Box Dreams’ music series by the end of the Hip Hop 2011 year's cycle. Releasing Black Box Dreams 4 in the last quarter of the Hip Hop 2010 year, he is sure to meet that goal and go beyond. With support from blogs DopeHood, IndieHipHop, SmartenUpNas, Down-South, Sojones, WorldStarHipHop, and many others, his recognition has grown high amongst Hip Hop music fans. Reaching an international audience, C.KHiD has over 4 million Youtube plays, 300,000 ringtone downloads, and 10,000 single downloads.

xploring the emotions of rising into success and personal relationships, C.KHiD aims to bring reality back to Hip Hop. The untamed country boy wants to focus on positivity and good times over the negatives of life, which most artists seem to do. Appealing to a wide market of music consumers, the most stand-out comment type C.KHiD’s music video get is something like "I don’t listen to rap really, but I like your songs."

C.KHiD, founder of the "CKHID" organization, has dual meaning for his name. Not only an artist name it is his digital age entertainment group brand name. Once stabilized himself, C.KHiD will introduce new music, comedy, and poetry talents as part of his entertainment group. Utilizing the blueprint which he built himself a career with, he will use live shows in addition to digital entertainment publications to broaden the horizon of listeners each act appeals to.

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