Saturday, October 30, 2010

DJ Tony Rivera Presents: XXL Freshmen 2011 Tryouts

Over the latter part of the last decade, XXL has been releasing a top ten list of those up and coming MCs they feel who are one or two hits away from being major stars in the rap world. Some alumni include Lupe Fiasco, Freddie Gibbs, Pill, Fashawn, Lil Boosie, Kid Cudi and many many many more. Dj Tony Rivera decided to take it upon himself to give his take on a few MCs who he believes deserves the honor. We have our very own Jimmy Valentime, Dom Kennedy, Machine Gun Kelly, Bizzle, Emilio Rojas and many many more. Download and enjoy. Right now, you can check out Jimmy Valentime's latest single "Inception" featuring, ME. Ha!

Heat rocks folks!!

Tony Rivera Presents: XXL Freshmen 2011 Tryouts

Thursday, October 28, 2010

M.A.V. - The Untitled Freestyle

New freestyle vid from M.A.V. aka Mavrik. He's been a guest on our show from time to time and we stay playing his joint. He's about to go on tour with J.Cole this Nov, so ladies, when you see him, shake a titty for my nigga.