Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zone- QT

My dude Zone Rebel just dropped this new vid. Shout out to the whole Fly City Gang!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Daddy Nino will be PUT ON BLAST 3/21/11

Denzel “Daddy Nino” Ayuk was born in Atlanta, GA on 8/20/1990. Parents are from Cameroon, a country on the West side of Africa. He developed a strong passion for music at a very young age. None of his family members have a background in music, but Nino always found himself in front of a radio or television. He trained his diversified ear at a young age as well, studying artist such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Prince, Nas, New Edition, Hall & Oates, Sade, OutKast, Bon Jovi and much more. By the age of 9, his room was full of notebooks that contained original material written by him. All through elementary and middle school he participated in county plays and musicals portraying his acting as well as his singing.
In high school he was introduced to the Fruity Loops software, a program he mastered the first night he installed it. He made beats for fellow students and recorded novelty songs about his teachers for fun. As his production advanced, so did his rapping and songwriting skills. After his senior year, Nino had no intentions of going to school, but with strict foreign parents on his back, he did anyway. Instead of going to class, he stayed in his dorm recording songs on his new mic and playing them for his fellow students. Nino started uploading his songs and remixes on MySpace and YouTube. After receiving an amazing response worldwide, this motivated him to work even harder at his craft and to perfect it. Soon after, he eventually stopped using a pen and paper and started conducting his lyrics and melodies in his head.
Daddy Nino is an artist. Not just a singer, rapper, producer, dancer or actor. His goal is to push boundaries and familiarize the world with his idea of “the impossible”; taking all things that society says no to and transforming them into your everyday norm. The music itself is a combination of all styles and genres and showcases his potential to be one of the most sought after producers of our time. At the age of 20, he knows his music’s value and where he wants to go. Daddy Nino’s music cannot fit into a category; it must stand on its own.

Daddy Nino will be on the show March 21st and it going to the LIVE. One of the best artist Ive met since doing this thing. Check out his video, "Peaceland" below on this very blog. Shout out to Kid Calloway

Daddy Nino - Peaceland (Produced by Nujabes)

Shout out to Daddy Nino who will be on the show March 21st. Kid Calloway wat up!