Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fat Beat Closes Its Doors

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Its a sad day in hip-hop. Fat Beats was a store that was once holy ground for hip-hop. Any MC that wanted prove his/her skills, walked through that door and had a cipher. If you were into vinyl records ( you know, the big black round thingys that music came out of) Fat Beats was your spot. Many producers of hip-hop legend came there to shop, talk and share their love for genre. Sadly, due to downloading, the economy, and the sad state of the game today, Fat Beats was forced to close its doors. But, it didnt go out in a whimper, but a bang. Jimmy Valentime and several other MCs decided to come together for one last cipher for old times sake. Several DVD and camera crews, include the NBC footage up above, captured the last cipher. So enjoy the segment and remember the good times at Fat Beats.