Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teddy Faley- Well

Unabashedly honest, Baltimore’s Teddy Faley uses his talent as a wordsmith to express his ideals on an exhausting abundance of topics that are personal, political and sometimes intertwined. His passion for these thoughts is conveyed in his assailing delivery which is engaging and without hesitation. Follow and listen for yourself.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dj Zesto, Teddy Faley, The Presence and many more Live @ House of YES Oct. 22nd

Here at Onblast Radio, we love to post any up coming events from the world of the underground hip-hop. This event is with my peoples Dj Zesto, Teddy Faley and The Presence Live at the House of Yes on 342 Maujer St in Brooklyn. Its right by the L train's Grand St stop. It starts at 11 pm with a 5 dollar cover. If you enjoy real sound design and great hip-hop, check em out!! Dj Jimmy The Gent on the wheels of steel!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ralphy Boy LIVE @ Santos Play House

Check out Ralphy Boy LIVE @ Santos Play House performing many OnBlast Radio hits such as "Hit Em Up" and "Get It". His album is set to drop in Nov. FLY CITY GANG!!!

Zone Rebel LIVE @ Santos Play House NYC

Check Out Zone Rebel LIVE performing at Santos Play House in NYC! See if you can spot me screaming when he performs the hit "Her" produced by me: UrbanMiracle. Props to Ralphy Boy for the vid. FLY CITY GANG!!!!

Fresh Daily: Apollo 13

Fresh Daily (aka Ill Tarzan) has been doing his thing for a long time. I remember when me and Nick Mckey from Connect Multi-Media were doing showcases and Fresh would tear it down. Im glad to see him doing his thing and getting back after his car accident. Here's one of his illest videos: Apollo 13. Check it out!