Friday, June 4, 2010

Onblast Radio x Dj Jimmy Da Gent: Operation Big Push (The MIXED-Tape)

OnBlast Radio has enjoyed a great success with our mixtape series. Now we move to improve the quality of our mixtapes, thanks to the addition of Dj Jimmy Da Gent to the Onblast Radio Family. He joins us with the first installment of our MIXED-tape series called Operation Big Push. What is a MIXED-tape you ask? Well back in the days, mixtapes were actually MIXED (i know, crazy right?) by local djs who actually scratched and mixed and blend records. We are going to go that route while adding something new to the mix (if you will). Dj Jimmy Da Gent can be seen at your local clubs spinning throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. As with all other past mixtapes, yall know the drill:




By the way, this is one single MP3 with the songs going right after another. A real mixtape!

Onblast Radio x Dj Jimmy Da Gent Presents: Operation Big Push (The MIXED-tape)


1) Traduction - Erick Arc Elliot
2) I Want It All - TMI feat. LA
3) Get Money - General Rain
4) Over The Top - Fullgrown feat. Swaggerfield, Big Bama and Ms Dimes
5) Thug Psalms - Freddie Gibbs
6) In A Daze - Cau$e
7) Go! (Points Of View) - The I.M.C.
8) Golden - J. Nolan
9) TFD- Teddy Faley feat. Eleven, A.M. Breakups and V8
10) Whatever Your Vice - Awkwerd Moments
11) Unstoppable - Slaugther
12) Jealous Love - Hydro
13) Give A Fuck About U - Shellz, Tango, General Rain, Mingshing
14) Six Figgas - 100 Bars
15) Two Of A Kind - TMI
16) Sounds G.O.O.D. 2 Me - Consequence
17) Get It Right - J. Nolan
18) The Grand Exhibit - Jimmy Valentime
19) Eveywhur I Go - King Gwapo
20) D.R.E.A.M. - Sean Price Feat. Dj Honda
21) Skyless Dove - Crimson
22) Work - Jingabread Man feat. M. Rob
23) West Coast Shit - Six Figgaz feat Ace Train
24)Reefa - BC Connect