Monday, June 29, 2009

Hip Hop Shop On Blast! Feature: Lyriciss

When asked what he brings to the table in a world where the hip-hop game is oversaturated with bland, formulaic MCs, 21-year-old Washington DC/PG County, Maryland native Lyriciss answers, "A young black voice out of an unknown area (hip-hop wise) speaking on real-life issues with a lyrical focus. Nowadays, you speak to the majority of the other rappers my age from this area, no disrespect to them, but all they're going talk about is what cars they got and really don't got, how much money they have when they really don't have it, and how many females they get when they're really either bunned up with a joint or can't pull a female to save their life." Born in the Riggs Park section of N.E. Washington, D.C., Lyriciss (ne' Robert Bailey) knows both sides of the fence, as he was raised between DC and the Prince George's County, MD suburbs. In 2004, Lyriciss met up with H-Tips and FCG Ent., prompting the beginning of his recording career. Now, at the age of 21, he's already developed the mind of a businessman, focusing on the growth and future of his career. While unsigned to a record deal, he is the driving force behind the burgeoning DMG (DeLorean Music Group) collective and has signed a production deal with Equinox Professionals. He has also been inducted into a group of elite musicians with URB Magazine's Next 1000 Program and has built a strong presence as an up-and-coming force.

I first heard his version of the track "Successful" and I was moved. Every track I've heard from Lyriciss has been dynamic, entertaining, and impressive. I recommend everyone who is a hip hop fan to start listenin to the artist that definitely lives up to his name.

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