Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Marcel P. Black will be put ON BLAST 3/10/11 8pm PST/11pm EST

From the pulpits and street corners of Ardmore, OK comes Bryan Marcel Williams I aka Marcel P. Black (the emcee).
Once a member of a underground hip hop collective, Black ventured out into solo territories and has been on a steady mission
to revolutionize the way you think of, listen to and view hip hop music. Though inspired by multiple musical genres and great emcees, Black's greatest influence as a hip hop artist can be found within himself. An ever evolving entity, Marcel P. Black at one time or another has been a misguided soul influenced by gang culture, an athlete, a band geek, a militant and a mentor but at all times has been authentically a man, authentically him.
From the hole-in-the wall Oklahoma nightclubs to the posh, upscale martini bars of Southern Louisiana emerges Bryan Marcel Williams I as DJ Hard Work. DJ Hard Work evolved out of necessity. Bryan Marcel Williams was tired of spending hard-earned money to go out partying just to hear the same thing in the club that is constantly on the radio. DJ Hard Work evolved because someone had to be the voice (or the hands) of the hip hop lovers, the remix heads, the B-side people, those who value the quality of music over the status, affluence or wealth of the artists making it. DJ Hard Work is a connoisseur, listener and student of good music, particularly good hip hop music and it is for this reason he is quickly becoming a favorable name in the Baton Rouge community.

Marcel P. Black is DJ Hard Work
DJ Hard Work is Marcel P. Black
Marcel P. Black & DJ Hard Work are Bryan Marcel Williams I...

Confused? Don't be... listen behind the music and he will explain himself loud and clear...

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