Friday, March 26, 2010

UrbanMiracle - Yea Yall

Maybe you've heard of him, maybe you havent but UrbanMiracle is back in the lab cooking up a beat tape thats dropping May 2010. Here's a little snippet from it to let everyone know, he is still making those beats. Be sure to look out for Home Grown dropping May 2010. Much love and keep the heads nodding.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Onblast Radio Presents: Operation Big Push Part 2

This is the long awaited second installment of Operation Big Push. We have been extra busy at OnBlast Radio working on many ways to improve the show's sound quality and make it the best platform for up and coming artist. One way we are trying to achieve this goal is through these free mixtapes. In this month's tape we have heat rocks from:

J Nolan
Str8 Loc Records
Six Figgas
Carter Deems

and many more. So you know the drill: DOWNLOAD, PLAY ENJOY