Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hip Hop Shop On Blast! Feature: Substance Abuse

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As opposed to groups who either force change or resist it, Substance Abuse embodies natural progression. The trio creates earnest hip-hop music in the tradition of early 90’s icons like Main Source, Brand Nubian, and Organized Konfusion, combining equal measures of intelligence, clarity, innovation, and polish to evoke the unpretentious consciousness of the Golden Age era, while avoiding corny retro posturing.

MCs Eso Tre and Subz grew up together in Los Angeles, where they became hip-hop fans at an early age. In high school, the duo could often be found in the audience at the legendary Unity events that have since come to define the progressive LA hip-hop scene of the early 90’s. Inspired by those shows emphasis on positive expression through creative art, the friends began working on their own music.

Substance Abuse’s first release was a 1998 split EP with Santa Barbara's mic.edu called Brand New Crime on Rocketship Records. The project received extensive college radio airplay and critical praise, and led to the filming of a video for the track “Spontaneous Egos”, directed by independent filmmaker Jesse Felsot. This was followed by the filming of the video for “Night on the Town” featuring Kool Keith, which can be viewed at www.myspace.com/substanceabuse

In turn, the group's lyrical prowess earned them a slot on Sway and Tech's Wake-Up Show, where they premiered the lead track from their debut single, "What the Fuck You Rhymin' For?". The collection of heartfelt hip-hop tracks on their debut album, Overproof, includes contributions from Saafir, Kool Keith, Motion Man, Kutmasta Kurt, P.E.A.C.E., Rasco, Thes-One, and MF Doom.

Substance Abuse just recently completed their sophomore album, "Background Music", which includes contributions from Tash, Sadat X, Percee P, MC Eiht, Myka Nyne, and Max Julien.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hip Hop Shop ON BLAST! Feature: Mainevent

With a name like Mainevent this Brooklyn lyricist has a lot to prove to every audience he encounters. Maine as he is called by those who know him best took interest in writting very early on, with short stories poems and was a scholar throughout his entire early life. As the nephew of Jazz trumpeter Buck Clayton and a Jazz flute soloist, at the tender age of 10 music was very much a part Maine's life from an early age. At home Mainevent was exposed to post Harlem Renassaince literature and music of every genre from hip hop's greatest hits to Rock & Roll classics and alternative sounds. By his teen years the lyrical Rembrante discovered and seemingly mastered his Rap skills. Having overcame a slue of obstacles the young MC is now force to be reckoned with in the industry and college rap scene. Mainevent has a sound that easily blends the street savy New York Hip Hop sound with a range of music from Disco to R&B. Mainevent is an avid performer that will take the music world by storm.

Check out some of Mainevent's new music right here:

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