Saturday, June 25, 2011

J Martyr will be PUT ON BLAST 6/27/11

​In 1985 J Martyr was born and raised in Sturgis Kentucky. At age 16 he recorded his first song but never made it public. After high school J Martyr decided to attend Western Kentucky University to obtain a bachelors in psychology, sociology, and a minor in criminology. While there, he got into a graduate school sociology program and attended for one semester. He then dropped out of graduate school to pursue his dream to be one of the greatest artists ever and to obtain a Grammy.
​There is no one in the game that is even remotely close to J Martyr’s style. But if one had to sum his style up then they would say he has the flow of Lil’ Wayne, the catchy style of Gucci Mane, the adlibs of Young Jeezy, the swagger of Juelz Santana, then sprinkle thousands of Lupe Fiascos on top of this incredible masterpiece. J Martyr will reach the masses with his music, he has the ability to reach very young children and older adults, he can attract a wide ranged audience. What separates J Martyr from other rappers is his unique flow and wordplay, he is very melodic and can be understood by anyone, this makes him very marketable. Also, J Martyr has a very funny personality and that can be heard throughout his music, all the fun he is having and his love for music can be witnessed in his work.
​J Martyr has an incredible work ethic, he works very hard and gives his all. He has a great ability to create catchy hooks and bars which will capture listeners. He is ahead of his time and has a great understanding of the world, which is a result of his education. Another skill J Martyr possesses is his understanding of what it takes to make good music and good songs, the way he has analyzed music of every genre and used it to make his music better can also been seen.
​Currently J Martyr is performing in college venues in Kentucky, making a name for himself in Tennessee, Cincinnati, and expanding in Jacksonville Florida & eventually nationwide & internationally. With major digital distribution with industry giant THE ORCHARD, CKE/UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, & promotion by premier marketing firm , J.MARTYR is on his way!
He truly is what happens when college meets the streets!!

Join us on 6/27 at 6pm to listen to J Martyr live on the air! You know how we do! On Blast Radio!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Shout out to the homie Six Figgaz for passing this through the On Blast Radio offices. His visuals for his single "Trippin" off "Tha Grind" album right on itunes NOW!